Photo Printing

Bring precious memories back to life with the fantastic photo printing services provided by K&A PRINTZ & SCANZ. Simply upload the images to us and we will send you the photos within 3 working days! All photos are printed using Fuji Supreme Paper (Fuji’s best paper!) with a choice of matte, glossy or even metallic surface finish! All images will be color corrected by us to ensure that you will receive the photos with the highest quality.

Please note that we will that we will charge a minimum amount of $3.00 for all orders. For example, the price for ordering 10 4R prints is the sample as ordering 2 4R prints. There is no minimum order quantity. Free delivery/postage will be provided for all orders.

Standard Size Photo Prints (Matte / Glossy Finish)Unit Price
2R (2.5” x 3.5”)$0.50
3R (3.5” x 5”)$0.30
4R (4” x 6”)$0.30
5R (5” x 7”)$0.80
6R (6” x 8”)$1.00
8R (8” x 10”)$2.00
S8R (8” x 12”)$2.50
10R (10” x 12”)$4.00
S12R (12” x 18”)$8.00
Standard Size Photo Prints (Metallic Finish)Unit Price
2R (2.5” x 3.5”)$0.80
3R (3.5” x 5”)$0.50
4R (4” x 6”)$0.50
5R (5” x 7”)$1.00
6R (6” x 8”)$1.50
8R (8” x 10”)$2.50
S8R (8” x 12”)$3.00
10R (10” x 12”)$4.50
S12R (12” x 18”)$8.50
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