Canvas Printing

Tired of looking at frames on your wall, how about changing it to a canvas instead? Canvas prints offer a very clean and modern look that goes well with any designs or decor of your home. To make it better, the color of canvases does not fade and it is water-proof as well! You do not have to worry about dust or dirt getting onto the canvases since you can easily wipe it off with a wet cloth. All canvases come with a wire and hook so you can easily hang it on the wall.

Our canvas prints are done using the traditional method whereby we transfer the emulsion of the photo on to the canvas itself. As such, whatever color you see on your photo, it will be the same on the canvas as well! This method differs vastly from ink-jet printing as the colors obtained from ink-jet print fades very fast and the color is slightly different from what you see on the photo too.

Spice up your house with our Canvas Prints now! Sizes available ranges from 8" x 8" to 40" x 60". Please call or email us at for a quote right now!

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